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GOST is a set of quality standards that are developed and maintained by an association that is EASC which stands for Euro-Asian Council for Standardization, metrology and certification. The EASC is a regional standardization agency that handles the standardization related issues in the Commonwealth of the Independent states. The GOST is a set of regulations that consists of all types of guidelines and ad regulated standards such as charting rules for design documentation, recipes and nutritional facts for food products. The products need to be marked with the EAC mark in order to ensure that the quality of the products is in compliance with the regulations set by the EAC standards. The GOST certification is applicable to all the products that are exported to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

The GOST certificate is mandatory for the products such as low voltage industrial equipment, Industrial equipment, equipments used in hazardous areas, footwear, textile products, accessories for children and adults, toys, cosmetics, food products and furniture. With the help of GOST accreditation, the manufacturers can easily market their products in the Russian markets and can ensure that all their products conform to the National GOST system.

Once a products has the EAC mark and has fulfilled all the GOST certification requirements, it can easily be marketed in any of the Russian markets. The set of certification that come under the GOST certification process include

CU TR Certificate of Conformity
CU TR Declaration of Conformity
GOST-R Certificate of Conformity
GOST-R Declaration of Conformity
State Registration
Fire Safety Certification
Justification of Safety
Technical Passport
Exemption Letter

To ensure the safety of the consumers, the Russian government is very strict regarding these certifications and emphasizes that any of the products that are exported to Russia must be certified for the GOST set of regulations. This also helps the manufacturers in increasing their business in the country as the consumers also like to buy a product that is in compliance with the necessary quality standards. At present, there are over 20000 titles of certifications that come under the GOST set of regulations and each certification is related to a particular product and the manufacturers can apply for the certification that comes under the GOST according to the products they manufacture.

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