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The consumption of petroleum and petroleum products is at a very high scale all across the globe. The companies that are involved in production and supply of products related to petroleum or natural gas need to ensure that they have the best management systems to fulfill such huge demands of Petroleum products. The petroleum companies need to implement an efficient and effective supply chain quality management system that helps in ensuring the best quality of the products delivered to the clients ad customers. The ISO/TS 29001-2010 certification is a standard certification that allows the companies involved in the distribution of petroleum products in placement of an effective and efficient supply chain quality management system. The ISO/TS 29001-2010 certificate is designed in such a way that it intends to reduce waste of products and variations in products along with preventing the defects in the products when supplied from vendors.

The ISO/TS 29001-2010 accreditation gives all the additional and supplementary requirements that are required for the preventing defects and enhancing quality of the products from vendors. The ISO/TS 29001-2010 certification requirements are developed separately and are meant to have global consistency hence the certification can be applied to any of the petroleum or Natural Gas Company. The ISO/TS 29001-2010 certification process is mandatory to pass for the petroleum companies as the failure of petroleum products can be hazardous for the companies supplying the products as well as the other industries involved.

Benefits ISO/TS 29001-2010 certification

1. Increases the credibility of the quality of products hence helps in bagging more contracts.
2. Demonstrates that the company is committed towards providing the best quality of products hence increases confidence of the stakeholders.
3. Improves the risk management in the company.
4. Helps in improving the performance and efficiency of the industries.
5. The operations are streamlined for better operations and increased efficiency.
6. Better communication of the system as well as efficient evaluation of the system helps in better and continual improvement of quality.

Once the company has the certification for ISO/TS 29001-2010, It ensures that the products manufactured in the company are of best quality and they have no chances of failure during transportation and usage. Brilliant certification & inception is one of the finest and most recognized certifying bodies providing efficient and recognized certification to the companies that are involved in production of petroleum products and natural gas. Our certification process is very smooth and hassle free with least paper works. Our certification is recognized all over the world with best ISO/TS 29001-2010 certification cost.

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