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TL 9000 certification

The telecom industry is one of the most flourishing industries all over the world in today’s time. The main basis of its success is the quality of the products and services that they provide to the customers. This why the companies involved in the telecom sector need to ensure that they provide the best service to the customers so that they could retain the present customs as well as attract new customers. The companies need to implement a very effective quality management system that manages the quality of the services as well as the products provided by the company to the clients. The TL 9000 certification is a standard that is applicable in the telecom sector and is used for specifying the requirements for a QMS that is capable of ensuring the best quality of the services that are provided to the clients. The standard is basically designed by the QUEST forum. The TL 9000 certificate provides a complete set of guidelines and related to the quality management of the services. The guidelines for the QMS must be implemented effectively to all the departments of a company including designing, development, marketing, customer support, sales etc. TL 9000 Certification, Management System for Telecommunications Certificate, Accreditation Certification, Certification Body in UK.

The TL 9000 accreditation also contains the recent updates from the ISO 9001:2008. Here are major areas where the standard must be implemented in a telecom company.

1. Development of Software and hardware products.

2. Managing the lifecycle of the software as well as hardware products.

3. Function related specifically to the industry such as engineering and installation.

4. Assessment of the potential risks with great accuracy and precision and management of those risks with great efficiency.

5. Measurement of the performance factors such as service quality, reliability, accurate delivery of service and products.

Various benefits can be reaped by the companies when they pass the TL 9000 certification process as they can ensure the best level of services delivered to the clients. In addition to that, fulfilling the TL 9000 certification requirements helps the companies in overall development of the company in all the departments. With the implementation of this standard, the company can see the significant improvement in overall quality of services and products.

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