ISO TS 16949:2009, International Automotive Task Force Management System Certification Services

The quality assurance of the products is one of the major concerns for the companies that are involved in the field of manufacturing of automobiles. The quality of the automobiles is directly related to the safety of the passengers hence the regulatory authorities also emphasize that the products are certified by proper authorities for the quality so that the safety of the passengers could be ensured. The companies also need to adopt the best practices in manufacturing processes that could ensure the best level of the quality of the products. The manufacturers need to ensure that there is an efficiencies quality management system implemented in the industries so that quality assurance could be done in a better manner. The ISO 16949:2009 certification is a standard certification that is used in the automobile sector t implement an effective quality management system that helps in easy management of the quality of the products as well as the materials. The standard was basically developed by the International Automotive Task Force and was passed by the technical committee of ISO after final evaluation. It is mandatory for any business that is involved in the manufacturing of the automobile products all over the globe to have an ISO 16949:2009 certificate. The standard is also in compliance with the country specific regulations for automobiles hence can be used for an automobile company in any country. ISO TS 16949:2009, Process of Getting ISO TS 16949:2009 Certification, Accredited ISO TS 16949:2009 Certification Bodies in UK.

The ISO 16949:2009 accreditation is granted to any of the automobile manufacturers that efficiently adhere to the different specifications that are stated in the standard. The standard was basically designed to help the manufacturers in the entire process of the manufacturing of the products so that there are very less chances of any quality defects induced in the products. Fulfilling the ISO 16949:2009 certification requirements helps in easy quality assurance of the products delivered to the customers. The standard is not only applicable to the automobile manufacturers but also for the vendors that provide different components of the automobiles to the manufactures. After a company passes the ISO 16949:2009 certification process, it becomes very easy to trace the materials which minimize the risks and increase the profits to a greater extent. Complying with the standard helps the manufacturers in reducing the rejections of the products due to quality defects hence increases the profits further.

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